Volunteers Needed! (Click Here)

Keeping it together!

The Fatty Fest has reached seam-busting size. In order to keep things in order we need more help than ever.  Call 479-422-7654 or email renko@progressivetraildesign.com to volunteer.


These volunteers are spot workers that help during the festival. Usually the burden is 30 min. to a couple hours. Jobs are something like course marshalling, water station, parking volunteer etc. You will receive a free Fatty Fest Shirt and free camping and access to the volunteer hospitality tents.

SUPER FATTY VOLUNTEER (Build with PTD & Race Free!):
  • Trail Work: this work takes place well before the festival. Work includes prepping trails, set-up of tents & finish line, gathering resources, etc. Work takes place for 4 hours in the morning before trail rides and meetings.
  • Complete 8 hours of trail work on any of the organized dates listed below and race in one discipline for free!



~ by progressivetraildesign on June 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Volunteers Needed! (Click Here)”

  1. I would like to volunteer for Saturday with whatever you need help with. I’m planning on participating in the XC event on Sunday.Let me know where and when to meet on Saturday to help out.



  2. I would like to volunteer here and there and where ever on saturday the 17th and possibly 18th if I can stay that long. I’ll be calling your volunteer number this week. thanks

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